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Masking Colorful Masking Tape

Product name: Masking Colorful Masking Tape

Specification: Printed by designed color and drawing;Good tack and holding power

Application: Suitable for decoration,painting,match different color

Product Specfiction
Product Max.Temperature Resistance for 30 min. Backing Adhesive Total Thickness (um) Initial Tack Ball(#) Peel Adhesion (N/in) Tensile Strength (N/in) Elongation (%)
MAA8113 60℃/140℉ Colorful Crepe Paper Natural Rubber 130-140 5↑ 6↑ 60↑ 6
MAB3112 60℃/140℉ Colorful Crepe Paper Acrylic Emulsion 120-130 8↑ 3↑ 70↑ 6

Jumbo Roll Finished Goods Paper Core Finished Goods packing
1250mmX2000m 1550mmX2000m 19/24/36/48mm 76mm Single;Accordion tower;Plat